10 years of Nacar

Hello Design

We have always had the dream of owning our own studio, and the first step on the way started with a long distance phone call between Milan – Barcelona.
As we talked, the dream got bigger by the minute, until finally our fear melted away as we realised that our ambitions and energy could make the dreams a reality.
And so, despite the challenges, we decided to take the leap into the unknown, leave our jobs and embrace our freedom.
We found a tiny studio behind a garage in Barcelona, fixed it up and there we founded NACAR.
It was 2006
We took the name NACAR because it closely reflects what we do (perhaps it’s better if we don’t tell you how the name came up), A glistening pearl starts life as a speck of sand, covered again and again with a substance called nacre, or mother of pearl, as the oyster works on the grain of sand to make it smooth and perfect. In the same way Nacar, which means NACRE or mother of pearl, imitates this process to transform raw, rough ideas into smooth and polished products with value.
From day one, every single thing was a learning experience, from building our portfolio to finding our first clients: designing furniture, fridges, and motorcycles – and taking interesting trips to London, Milan, & Shangai, to seek out fresh opportunities.
Alongside the creative work were also the more mundane tasks which make business tick –  the marketing, sales, financial, and administration work –  while at the same time keeping up to date with the newest trends and techniques in the field of design. We learned so much in those early days through our desire to be open minded, always searching for new relationships and seeking out new opportunities, enabling us to offer new services and give our best. Work was always fun, refreshing, exciting and was a reward that kept us moving forward.
Ten years later we are proud to be a strong studio with an international design team. Our clients have in some cases become our friends, and we are surrounded by talented, ambitious and inventive people.
That’s not to say there weren’t a few setbacks along the way: 2009 was a very difficult moment in Spain, the global crisis hit our business and we remember this time as a test of our commitment and resilience. However we learned that if you really want something you can get it.
The most important thing is to live doing what you love, and to achieve that you have to believe in yourself and in your team.
 All our stakeholders deserve our thanks: our clients, our team, and of course our other partners at this are our wives, who always support our project during bad times, who always encourage us to keep fighting, and who always believed in us and in our project.