Fintech App
for Blockchain

When Blockchain
technology meets fintech

Bitgen is a new generation App for Financial Services.
It offers a wide range of investment categories through a marketplace resembling the dynamics of an App Store. 

It uses gamification strategies to increase usage frequencies and to create a new way of interacting with the financial ecosystem. It is complementary to traditional banking.








Brand Strategy
Digital Strategy
Art direction
UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Illustration system

The easiest way of keep
track and follow the cryptocurrency market

Once shrouded in technical know-how and confusing whitepapers, cryptocurrency is slowly making its way into the mainstream. It’s now easier than ever before to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies.

As more and more investors begin to pay attention to crypto, the demand for fast and convenient mobile solutions is growing.

With advanced market data, a wide range of categories and friendly illustrations, Bitgen gives users the powerful tools to gain a competitive edge in the crypto market. Bitgen’s real-time news feed and alert ensure users do not to miss a market moving announcement.

A flow meant to capture the key stage of user interactions

Creating technical user flow, meant to capture the key stage of user interactions. This helped identify opportunities for UX improvement, and specifically what could make the process more convenient for users in the buying process.

The main goal was to add a wizard to focus the user’s attention on finishing a step-by-step buying process, reducing the amount of information in each screen so users don’t feel overwhelmed by the process.

Adding the step number at the top allows the users to know where they are in the process and gives them the control to navigate between the stages.

Human forms
to connect with users

Bitgen’s human form illustration system has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar, building an immediate connection with users.

Rounded shapes with a bright color palette brings out the playfulness and warmth of “serious” concepts in the Fintech industry.