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Implementing design into their process and product portfolio.

When we speak about design not only affecting the product, but the entire company, Correa is one of our clients that exemplifies it best. A company offering the widest range of milling solutions on the market, with a main goal of keeping its position as one of Europe’s leading companies in the field. With their entire range designed and manufactured in Spain and an amazing heritage since 1947, we partnered to reposition the brand and define the design strategy for their entire product portfolio.

Through constant collaboration we are working on implementing the renewed brand language into all the products, involving Correa’s team along the entire design process. Using VR technologies we are collectively validating the architecture and design of the milling machines. This has allowed the team members to experience and interact with the machines, enabling them to provide us with very constructive feedback.

Correa is driving the change from the inside out, implementing design into their process and day to day. Stay tuned, there is a lot yet to come


Nicolas Correa SL


Electric industrial
equipment & machinery


Vision workshops
Market & trend research
Visual brand & design language
Product Strategy
Conceptualization & 3D modeling
Usability archetypes with VR testing
Design for manufacturing 


IF Design Award 2018
Delta de plata 2018
BIEMH Premio al buen diseño 2018
IF Design Award 2020
Delta de bronce 2021

Correa UDX Case, the starting point.​

The UDX marked the first step in the redesign of the whole brand, being one of the most innovative milling heads on the market in 2018. Recognised with various awards, the UDX combines the strength of two milling heads fusioning robotic and mechanical design elements. Flexibility, reliability, robustness and precision at a glance. Rethinking manufacturing methods plays a big role in the product portfolio, in the case of the UDX, 3D printing was used to produce the side covers to integrate into the casted and milled aluminium and steel parts.

The Correa UCE case. Optimizing function,
value and capabilities.

This robust and reliable design ensures a result high in detail, fast in performance and flexible in movement. We created a wide range of concept alternatives to ensure that all the product and solution values proposed were conveyed to their maximum.  UCE final design optimizes the function, value, and capabilities of this meaningful and impactful milling head. Correa’s UCE milling head is detachable and exchangeable in different machines to satisfy the variety of uses in a wide range of industries.

Correa UAD case. Ideal for all types of machines.

UAD milling head incorporates a unique technology that makes it some of the most robust and reliable elements of their kind on the market. It’s design responds to the reliability and advanced technology needed for a highly professional industrial environment. Indexing heads that are ideal for all types of machining operations, including large stock removal, hard materials, long tools and long 3D finishing operations, etc.