An idea
that unifies

A new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine

FOX represents a new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine which combines traditional roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining. It includes a unique system which controls the temperature generated in the vertical axis of the machine.

The main challenge of the project was to update the whole look and feel of the brand products. This change needed to transmit the brand values and the characteristics and technologies of each product.

For this we achieved an homogenic and clearly recognizable design for any of Correa’s products which now have a general look that follows the whole Correa branding and iconic elements throughout the range.


Nicolas Correa SL


Industrial equipment & machinery


Vision workshops
Market & trend research
Visual brand & design language
Product Strategy
Conceptualization & 3D modeling
Design for manufacturing


iF Design Award 2020​

From the user interaction
to the whole ecosystem

The design needed to go hand in hand with the operating elements of the machine itself, making it possible to achieve a machine that adapts in design and technical facilities to the needs of the user.

That is why during the process, we always work from a more general first reading of the machines, to progressively focus on more detailed aspects of each piece. In this way we get a design that works from all points of view.

We are a strategic design agency, engaging with businesses to uncover their full potential.

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