Premium coffee
machines for all.

Elevating entry-level standards

Coffee is a fascinating bean, with many benefits and wonders. CREM’s EX3 coffee machine is fuelled by coffee culture, enhancing its central role in the entire experience, fulfilling all demands for a great espresso in a simple and easy way and adapting not only the user needs but also it’s requirements of personalization.

Through agile methods we collaborated closely with CREM Team mapping coffee industry trends across the globe, gaining knowledge of styles, environments and industry traits.We specially sought out to understand from primary users perspectives what it takes for a machine to make a great cup of coffee, one than will trend-set and make baristas excited about their job and get customers craving more. 


Crem International




Market & trend research
User Experience 
Usability Archetypes
Product Strategy Conceptualization
Design for manufacturing
Design Language


iF Design Award 2020
Red Dot Design Award 2020
Delta Gold Award 2021

Customization possible for each scenario and customer.

This EX3 fits into a wide range of desired configurations: from a small space to a larger bar, from a trendy coffee to a cozy bakery, making customization possible for each scenario and customer need. The EX3 design meets the demands of personalization when offering a wide range of desired configurations and also optimizes its size without a loss of technological features.

All in one visually attractive, functional and versatile coffee machine, The EX3 combines design, ergonomics and customization. Developed not only thinking in the user – who needs a compact, efficient and fast coffee machine – but also thinking in the newly renewed CREM brand.  The new brand language was carefully implemented into the EX3, positioning it as an accessible machine that always guarantees quality to the final user.