EX3 coffee machine at “The best design of the year” exhibition

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  –  Jul, 7 2021

This year during the Barcelona Design Week the Delta Awards by ADI-FAD highlighted the energy and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design. Between the winners Nacar won a DELTA GOLD for its work done with the EX3 Coffee Machine x CREM.

EX3 winner of If Design award 2020, RedDot 2020 and Delta Awards 2021

The EX3 coffee machine for CREM is fueled by coffee culture, enhancing its central role in the entire experience, fulfilling all demands for a great espresso in a simple and easy way and adapting not only the user needs but also it’s requirements of personalization.

The 2020 Delta Awards jury has decided to award the Gold Delta in the Tools Category to the product: EX3, by Nacar Design for Crem International Spain.

The best design of the year 

The EX3 can be viewed at the FADexpo “The best design of the year” (El millor disseny de l’any), the annual exhibition that recollects the winner projects and finalists of the FAD association awards. It includes the most highlighted projects around design, architecture and arts at the Museu del Disseny

The exhibition is free to the public and active until August 29th. 

+ info at https://www.fad.cat

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