When food
is beyond eating.

The pleasure of gastronomy through a complete eating experience.

You can find Spanish cuisine represented among all regions of the country in its many facets but Barcelona food scene is outstanding. With key players such as the Adrià brothers, Albert and Ferran. 

This duo were the minds and hands behind the elBulli restaurant and considered two of the best chefs in the world. With the aim of adding a pinch of flavour to their home city, they started a new gastronomical project together. Paral·lel was the chosen neighborhood which was always known for the musical and comedy shows and they added the pleasure of gastronomy through a complete eating experience. 

Elbarri (Catalan for “Neighbourhood”), which is not only a group of restaurants but a curated high cuisine concept where to discover, in words of Adria’s brothers, artisan food. 






Market & trend research
Conceptualization & 3D modeling
Design for manufacturing 

Enigma’s food concept responds to itself: it's Enigmatic.

Enigma is the last gastronomic expression of Albert Adrià in all its aspects: kitchen, cellar and cocktail bar. A maze experience ideated to generate an enigmatic feeling and immerse the diner into an environment of mystery. Food is innovative, with unique textures and proportions, and interiors, dishware and cutlery are designed until the last bit of detail creating a full and new concept worth tasting.

Nacar’s challenge with Enigma was to adequately express the richness and the complexity of Enigma’s experience through versatile and disruptive dishware.

We explored different methods to design complex surfaces utilizing parametric and algorithmic modeling tools and found that we were able to express through additive manufacturing unique textures, structures and applications that reduce weight leading innovation through shape and form.

Versatile dishware connected with the food and with the context of Enigma's Restaurant.

Hakke is a collection of three plates inspired by traditional Japanese tea trays. They have a clean and futuristic design style mixed with organic shapes that complement and interact with the space and the dishes. Playing a significant role on diners experience by intensifying their touch and vision senses.