The winner projects of the iF Design award 2021

Recognised as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design.

  –  May, 10 2021
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Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, bestows the iF DESIGN AWARD on the best submissions.

The jury—conformed in this edition by 98 experts from 20 countries—, integrates every year the panel of professionals who value the proposals received from designers, manufacturers, architects and interior designers who are committed to obtaining this prestigious award.

On this year’s edition the competition was intense: almost 10,000 entries from 52 countries, all of them in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.

We are thrilled to announce that that all three submited projects won an iF award: the AXIA Milling Machine, the UCE Milling Head and the HP DesignJet Studio printer.

Proudly, among the total of 75 Gold Winners, Nacar is one of them with the Axia Milling machine which, in the words of the iF Jury, Axia is “an exquisite family of machines with human proportions and great user interaction! Every detail has been given proper attention to design and has very well-balanced proportions. An elegant use of graphics and materials”.

Never before has this honor been as exclusive and valuable as this year! 

The main goal of AXIA’s new design is to adapt to the technical requirements necessary for the client, as well as to the functional and cost needs while at the same time its different configurations are part of the company’s image regardless of cost or characteristics.

Axia Milling Machine​

Client Nicolas Correa

Axia is a versatile, precision milling system designed to reliably and quickly accomplish simple and complex machining tasks on volumes of a wide range of materials. This machine’s aesthetic form factor and quality materials allow it to blend in well with any industrial context. This is an industrial precision milling machine whose design aesthetics and value adapt to and enhance any situation or environment. 

HP DesignJet Studio​

Client Hewlett-Packard

Architects and designers who run small studios work with tools and devices that need to better complement their spaces and adapt to the way they work. When it comes to large-format printers, current solutions don´t meet their needs. In contrast, the new HP DesignJet Studio blends into such workspaces by making printing technology less intimidating and more accessible to all creative professionals.​ 

UCE Milling Machine

Client Nicolas Correa

The UCE milling head was designed to improve work efficiency and adaptability to different finishing operations. Its high-speed operation and superior quality have established its solid reputation in the milling industry. The UCE combines precision and efficiency and leading technology quality with a new design.​ 

By Sofia Larocca

Communication Manager

–  May, 10 2021
A social media and Communication passionate about storytelling and targeted messaging to create business-changing content that uncover, create and amplify brand stories.

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