Developing cutlery that elevates the traditional Spanish food experience.

There is never a bad excuse to meet up with close ones and specially if it involves bite sized tasty treats. Unmistakably, the Spanish have a long tradition and culture of getting together to either have a vermut with some snacks on a sunday morning, or perhaps a weekday catch up over some tapas and a ‘caña’ (small glass of beer), and of course the famous paellas. Through gourmet dining experiences, the mediterranean diet has expanded and spanish traditions are trending all over the world. 




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Uncovering insights to explore trends

We partnered with Comas to design the cutlery that would specifically work and be used for these traditional foods, elevating the experience to current food and hospitality trends.

To uncover the insights we explored trends and environments, the usability of the utensils with the diverse types of food and their connections with all the service – from waiters to chefs, the space, the layouts and the types of furniture.

Enlightening the vermut, tapas and rices experience through special attention to detail.

Fostering the social event around Vermut, Tapas and Rices were people connect by sharing is the center for The Lab Collection. We focused on facilitating these traditions through utensils made for the task, where the design proportions and iconicity are founded on users needs, following simplicity, quality and affordability. Renowned Chefs with Michelin stars were approached along our process to validate and test the collection, receiving very positive and useful feedback

The result is a collection of utensils that enlightens the vermut, tapas and rices experience through special attention to detail. We worked closely with Comas, driving the product conceptualization, its branding and packaging, the art direction and onbrand promotion to portray the experience from manufacturing to the restaurant table, and most importantly, to the customers.