Masats launches a new field of activity

Nacar has helped Masats, a renowned manufacturer of transit features, to enter a new field of activity through the design of a doors’ system for platforms (PSD).

PSD is a barrier system that sits on the edge of the platform, with doors that automatically coordinate with the train doors. These elements provide security because it prevents falls to the track, and at the same time improve the climate station control, reduce noise and improve air quality in the platform. Using these technologies provide an improvement in the frequency of trains and the reduction of waiting time.

The system developed by the collaboration of Nacar with Masats provides a customizable, modular, able to adapt to user needs design.

A detailed study of usability in addition to extensive work on the details has resulted in a product that provides a compatible avant-garde architectural aesthetics with the requirements of the most prestigious prescribers.It also offers the highest level of security (SIL4) minimizing the risk accidents, or entrapment while increasing the sense of protection.The self-supporting modular doors facilitate installation and maintenance and versatile design of the modules allows the customer to incorporate into the structure of closing the platform of a broad set of auxiliary elements, and helpful for passenger information modules, panels first aid, monitoring elements, recycling or advertising.