Nacar and HP create the first furniture that prints

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  –  Nov, 29 2021

Say hi to the new HP DesignJet Studio: Nacar and HP reinvent large format printing through a completely user-centric design strategy.

Nacar is a global strategic design agency based in Barcelona. Its reason to be stems from designing products for the future with a human-centric approach to create physical and digital products that work seamlessly together into a great and unified user experience.
The collaboration journey between Nacar and HP started in 2010 with a challenge: to envision the design strategy for the DesignJet T520. This gave start to a long-lasting relationship where Nacar has become a support in every stage of the creative process: from research and envisioning to the final product launch.
A part of HP is inside Nacar, and vice versa; both teams work totally synchronized and nurture each other. This work philosophy not only keeps the creative process fresh, but also ensures a complete understanding of each partner’s needs.

Out of sight, out of mind

Until now, large format printing has been – let’s face it – quite cumbersome. Traditionally, plotter printers have been enormous, noisy, ugly… and unintuitive, speaking in terms of usability. Therefore, the simplest solution was to remove them from the workplace, where they did not fit. Out of sight, out of mind.
Referring to functionality, the plotter meets its target. Thus, Nacar focused on improving the product from a human-centered perspective. As we have the rest of our tools close by while working, what is the point of breaking the workflow when printing? And what is more, how does a tool like this fit into a work-from-home environment?
The printer must be returned to the place where the action occurs.

The HP DesignJet Studio reflects Nacar’s creative practice and culture, using simple materials and technology to deliver this meaningful and impactful printer that fits any workspace.

Blends into your workspace

The workspace has been completely redefined and has given rise to a new paradigm workflow. As long as we can access the right tools, almost any place can become a workspace, so the workflow also changes: more collaborative and adaptable tools are needed.

The DesignJet Studio offers a whole new printing experience for architects, designers, and other creatives alike. First point, the device appears more like a piece of furniture than office equipment, which is a friendly approach to the work-from-home climate.

Furniture do their job while you use them, but when you don’t, they don’t bother. This is precisely the goal of calm tech: to be there only when you need it.

Obviously, there is an important aesthetic concern: every piece of the printer is inspired by the materials, objects and even colors that usually have their place in a studio. Aesthetics is not without a purpose: the usefulness of merging into a space.

Nacar chose the table as an archetype: a wood top surface on which to lean or take notes, wired frame legs that lighten the structure, and an integrated basket that rolls up when not using it.

HP DesignJet Studio has a design language that blends into the workspace through personalized material covers and a furniture aesthetic.

Adapts to your workstyle

Championing its full user-centric philosophy, Nacar makes the large-scale printing experience accessible and as simple as any one-click interaction in our day-to-day life. This simplicity empowers users and allows them to focus energies on what really matters: to keep creating.

Whether working from home or on the move, the DesignJet Studio enables remote teamwork so you can print or scan anywhere, anytime from your smartphone or tablet via the HP smart app.
Furthermore, the printer replaces traditional confusingly long setup instructions with HP’s first mobile onboarding experience.

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