Nacar Project 42

On September, the 26th during a coffee break when we had the idea to participate in the 2017 Marató de Barcelona, we didn’t know what would expect us.
We were excited about doing something together outside the studio and train in a familiar atmosphere. By the 27th we registered to the Marathon and that’s how Nacar’s Project 42 started.
A Greek legend, which was the inspiration for the modern sporting event, says that the messenger Philippides ran after the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory over the Persian army. It is being told that he ran without stopping and died after his arrival. The route he took presumably predetermined the current distance of the Marathon race: 42.195 km.

Project 42 was not only a way to relax and unwind from our work at the studio but was an exercise which helped us to train and understand challenges, defeats and personal limits. The project brought both worlds together, the world of sports and design, and revealed us quite some similarities.
The preparation, in which you should be organised and disciplined. Our Trainer Mark helped us to find the right methods and tools to be prepared for an exhausting effort for our body.
The team spirit; helping each other to push ourselves beyond our limits created a bond in between us and demonstrated us how much more you can reach if you work together.
The joy, not just carry out but having the ability to create passion for what you are doing makes everything much more pleasurable, easier and gives you the motivation to improve and reach out for more.
After accomplishing this challenge, everything is possible. Everyone can finish the Marathon, even if you’ve never been running in your life, you can do it with just the right preparation and the will to finish what you’ve started. The Marathon is a unique experience and it’s something that you will never forget in your life.
Five of us started to the race and all five kept going till the end.
Here are some of the experiences and impressions we’ve gained during our project:
“When reaching the 32km mark, my legs were painful, I felt heavy. Every step was difficult but the desire to finish this race pushed me to the end. I crossed the line, I couldn´t feel my body but this feeling of finishing the race was stronger and made me happy.”
“After training regularly and running considerably increased distances, I’ve started to lose some weight and I felt pretty sexy. Doing sports feels awesome and it´s starting to be addictive! Many people doubted me and told me I am crazy, but I’ve believed in myself.” …  “The moment I crossed the finish line was the most intense for me. There is no way nor words to describe the mix of feelings I experienced at this point, I was crying and laughing at the same time, while trying to breath, staying alive, drinking and eating… It was one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever gained during my life, and its addictive. After recovering and realising that everyone in the studio did it, I felt so proud not only of myself, but also of each one of them. Thanks guys, for this amazing experience.”
“A marathon is not only about running 42km. A marathon is about knowing yourself better, about self-discipline, about self-reliance, about getting rid of your fears. Even it might be difficult to understand, it is not only a physical endurance test, but a way to achieve a much more healthier and stronger mind. The marathon wasn’t the end, everything starts NOW.”
“In the beginning, I was not a huge fan of running at all. As a social individual, I preferred team sports focusing on fun and social interaction. However, I was appealed by the idea of achieving something I haven´t accomplished before and the opportunity to train and experience the path to a shared goal with colleagues and friends.
Throughout the training we had, I’ve enjoyed the time together, challenging and supporting each other and fighting for a common goal, to finish the marathon. The fight was against ourselves, to push your limits further and reach a distance you couldn´t reach before. For me having a colleague to follow and run with was an important training factor, carrying me further than I would have gone just by myself. I’ve experienced the challenge of long-distance running, especially during the marathon itself, not so much in my physical condition, rather than in the mental endurance and the iron will to push further and continue running. Of course, it was important to train and prepare your body for this dare but the most challenging part of the marathon, was not to give up but to carry on and bring it to an end. This was rewarded with a close to finish Flow-feeling and overwhelming emotional finish moment, and of course a little medal to remember your accomplishment. Running has become a training ritual, I still keep enjoying with my friends and colleagues, and to keep pushing myself to more achievements.”
“This experience was unforgettable. Now that I look back, I see the incredible milestone, being able to defeat the 42-kilometre-long beast. The entire preparation process was made possible by the motivation of Bern and by our personal trainer Mark. Values such as effort, perseverance, humility, trust yourself, falling and getting up again, again and again, all these examples apply to work and personal life. One day you might see everything dark, but finally get out and move forward. My colleagues and I have always enjoyed the trainings, and our motivation was essential to achieve this. I had a really good time and after running for some time, my muscles woke up, I lost weight and feel much fitter now.
Already with just this I’ve achieved a personal success. To Nacar, I am personally grateful to have been able to participate and enjoy this wonderful experience. Also in our personal lives, in difficult times, I’ve learned to be strong, to be very positive and it helped me to believe in myself. I will always remember this.”