Online inspiration
for today's families

A renewed fashion
e-commerce experience

This project aims to understand the families of today and their preferences when dressing. For this, Nagö is positioned as a pioneering e-commerce in combiner the inspirational content of magazines and blogs and the products of the best brands of today.








Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
UX / UI Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design

Combining the inspirational content of lifestyle magazines and products of the best fashion brands.

The brand clearly breathes the style of Scandivanian countries, Nagore, her owner is a fashion lover and was involved in the creation process sharing references, colors and objects that inspired us. The brand had to be an instantly recognisable expression of her personality and therefore, the brand’s name was created using an abbreviation of her own name.

When developing the logo, the two points in the letter “o” are a motive from the Scandinavian alphabet while representing her two children, which are a source of inspiration to her for this particular project. The minimalist applications and a delicate color palette with stone tones convey quality.

Capturing the essence of Scandinavian style

We translated the world of Nagore in an online magazine and e-commerce experience where the visitor can see, read and almost feel her lifestyle and the fashion ecosystem.

In the website we adapted the identity with a clear online purpose, using an editorial layout and with an online style guide that answered to the values and tone of voice of the brand identity.

An intuitive process
to facilitate user’s experience

The checkout process is the culmination of a good e-commerce experience. The whole process should be very intuitive in order to facilitate the purchase, so we followed some guidelines to provide quick access to the shopping cart, show clear feedback or give users a clear “remove” button to delete a product from their shopping cart. Users are always at the center of our work and in this project we included them as part of the process during the interaction design stage to validate the usability of main workflows.

The e-commerce responsive design supports the continuity of the shopping experience across multiple devices with flexible elements to create consistency. It’s important to give users reliable access to their carts, on desktop and mobile web to make this experience a simple journey of enjoyment and inspiration to them.