A humanized mobile health brand

Nora is an app designed as a communication tool between patients and doctors. The product offers a holistic approach of medical monitoring for chronic patients. Being a high tech solution to the benefit of the patient through a humanized service, we developed a brand and its digital presence






Brand Idendity
UX / UI Design
Visual Design
Motion Design

A spark of guidance to the patients that will have a strong personality and work on the memorability.

With Nora we wanted to achieve the creation of our own healthcare symbol. Related with “light” and the health cross.

This naming option aims to humanize the brand into a femenine character that has its origins in the concept of light in Arabic and honor from the Latin word honora. Interesting associations with the world nourish and the feeling of newness.

A dynamic and modular design layout system to adapt to all sorts of environments both digital and physical. Creating variety and dynamism while maintaining the consistency in all brand applications.

Nora.bio is a clear brand identity extension with one clear conversion goal.

The challenge when putting all the information about the project on a landing was how to combine the discourse aimed at professionals and patients on the same site.

After many iterations with the main stakeholders, the content was reorganized so that at a first glance it was a website for both users but when navigating more in depth throughout the site, it was a B2B landing.a

Throughout the entire journey on the site, Nora's values are represented creating a consistent brand concept.

When considering the visual design, it was essential to make a good benchmark to be able to place Nora within the whole system created for graphic and advertising applications, it was taken to the digital field. The close collaboration with the development team and the client were key so that the defined design was perfectly implemented and worked responsive through all devices. In each of the components included in the web, we wanted to have a touch of the visual brand either with the spark element or with the graphic resources of the lines.