Breaking the limits,

Maximum visibility with all the features needed.

The taxi industry has become overwhelmed with the surge of more and more devices that improve the overall service. Taxi drivers see themselves in need to install a handful of gadgets inside and outside the vehicle to comply with market and regulatory demands, saturating the already information-heavy dashboards of vehicles.


Taxitronic by Interfacom


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Breaking the limits by integrating the Skyglass seamlessly to any
type of car.

The TX80 Skyglass taximeter is the result of an extensive study and evaluation of the usability requirements of urban taxis by Nacar Design Studio together with Fresh Focus. It focuses on providing the maximum visibility to the driver and reassuring passengers through full visualization of the service fee along the trip.

With a built-in printer that provides instant receipts and a simple installation system through removable seals, the electronic taximeter is anchored to the pre-existing rearview mirrors. This creates an uninterrupted view of the front dashboard, breaking the limits by integrating the Skyglass seamlessly to any type of car.

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