the unknows.

A roadmap of solutions for new business opportunities.

In terms of Mobility, Lima is one of the biggest unregulated taxi markets in South America. Like many other market places, it is suffering from aggressive worldwide competitors of taxi hailing platforms such as Uber, Cabify, and also local big market players who provide mobile application access to their services.
Developing a new market in such a context posed a great challenge and opportunity for Taxitronic – a Spanish producer of taximeters and fleet management solutions for taxis. However, conventional commercial efforts and products proved to be unsuccessful, since existing taximeter and fleet management solutions did not fit in this unregulated and irregular context.


Taxitronic by Interfacom SA




Anticipatory Design
Market & Trend research
Customer Experience
Product Strategy
Business Innovation
Service Design
Participatory Design

Think outside the box, planning the research and understanding the market requirements.

To identify innovative and competitive ways to enter Lima’s market we applied Design Thinking tools and methodologies. This required us to think outside the box, planning the research and understanding the market requirements from Barcelona, with two scheduled trips to Lima, Perú to expand in user research, concepts and ideas.
In numbers, 62 Interviews were held over 10 days with users ranging from taxi drivers, taxi companies, mobility experts and apps, taxi customers, and more. Additionally, 4 co-creation workshops were held to validate ideas with the different users.
A roadmap of solutions and strategies with different business opportunities around Taxitronic existing capabilities were proposed, helping local taxi companies make the jump from manual and human based workflows, to automatized operations provided by customized software solutions.
Through better understanding of the market, its needs and requirements, we reached new customers that had not been accessed through conventional commercial strategies, creating value with potential customers by means of participatory design.