Exploring the
outdoors safely

Well-being is no longer a state of being but a way of living.

Through our hyper connected life we seek new experiences, to break and explore our boundaries, to push ourselves beyond what we imagined and reconnect with nature. Yet this thirst for new adventures sometimes lead us to unplanned and risky situations, where we are not equipped with the tools necessary to back us up safely.


Wild Patrol


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Empower experts outdoor

The aim of WildPatrol ™ is to offer support to outdoor sports apps users, providing the necessary tool to empower them into becoming experts of outdoor experiences. As the result of research and the definition of user personas, two main areas of use were identified: Sea and Mountains. Visual design was the key element to contextualize the architecture and the different use cases, providing simplicity and ease of use throughout the interface.

Users can request assistance, or activate a rescue protocol through WildPatrol™, who offers 24/7 medical support

WildPatrol ™ main functionality is to monitor users outdoor activity, tracking their location while treading and advising them on the quality of their mobile signal. Time, distance and speed are registered as metrics through GPS technologies, allowing the user to program emergency alerts triggered by specific time countdowns. After the completion of the preset time and no response from the user, the application will automatically warn the pre established ‘guardians’ on the location and situation of the user.