More than just
a sink.

Reformulating the way sinks are used.

Not only a sink but a cooking place with ergonomic accessories. Perfect to cut, clean, cook and serve. 

The Zenit R215 project was born in the willingness to create a product that could reformulate the actual use that is given to a sink in houses and its relationship with other elements in the kitchen.




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Not only a sink
but a cooking place

At Nacar we wanted to give a whole meaning to the concept of “cooking space”. The result is ZenitPure being more than just a sink. It’s a whole space to cook with a set of different elements that help integrate and keep organised the kitchen and of course, cook.

After trend research, we discovered that the principal use in the sink area is related with washing, cutting and manipulation of food and that the sink is the key element when cooking. 

Keep the kitchen organised.

With the ZenitPure design we achieved a sink with a collection of different accessories that are linked between each other and also with the different TEKA home appliances.

About the design features, its SQ valvule hides in a smart and elegant way the drain hole with a touch of personality and design to the kitchen with a professional look.

We designed the Zenit cooking set that includes three ceramic plates in different sizes suitable for microwave, oven and dishwasher. This kit comes with silicon taps that allow the food to be stored for a longer time.

The Zenit Pure also has the square-shape soap dispenser to facilitate the cooking moment. The stained steel strainer located on top of the bucket was thoughtfully design together with the bamboo cutting board so that both were fully integrated in the whole ZenitPure design.