Plug in and
charge up.

Moving towards a cleaner electric future

Orbis asked Nacar Design Studio together with Fresh Focus to modernise its EV charger.
The aim of this project was to develop a modular system that it could achieve a completely related design to the brand itself and also an EV charger that could adapt to various customers and environments.

The main obstacles to the proliferation of electric vehicles is the absence of charging stations. This is why the Orbis charger wants to deal with this issue making an EV charger adaptable for every place, being interior or exterior spaces such as a family house, a supermarket parking or a business building. 




Electric equipment
& machinery


Vision workshops
Market & trend research
Visual brand & design language
Product Strategy
Conceptualization & 3D modeling
Design for manufacturing


VIARIS UNI allows customisation

The EV Viaris includes a load modulator that prioritizes the electric consumption according to the demand of the rest of the equipment of the house or building, this allows an intelligent administration of the electricity consumption. 

The aesthetic is relevant to achieve an EV charger completely related to the brand and at the same time being personalizable to integrate it to the environment where it’s installed. This way, the EV Viaris design has a colored frame that can be adapted to the client’s brand or the place where is located.

Elegant signature design

Two different configurations available, both customizable, compact and easy to integrate everywhere. The Wall-mount design station, right for parking garages or other applications more suitable when there’s a wall close to the designated parking space. 

And the Bollard design, more suitable for commercial and public EV charging. It is the perfect for charging solution for public parking areas, schools, office buildings, airports, supermarkets; the drivers simple pull up, plug in and charge. Designed to charge two vehicles at the same time. It tolerates harsh weather and vandalism with light impact and offering maximum versatility to drivers of all electric vehicles.