How design & Technology could enable a March 8, 2030 in full equal rights for women?

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We asked the 44 women at Nacar.

"By collaborating on the design of the services and by communicating the urgent need to act and implement emotional and social education.

A caring and supportive childhood would prevent most of the situations that still happen to people in general and women in particular."

—Carmo Requejo.

"By making sure that when we say or hear human-centered, it actually doesn't mean white-man-centered...

Spaces, services, products, systems.. Everything counts and one size does definetely not fit all."

—Tití Marqués.

"Information access and communities."

—Anna Oriola.

"We gotta use tech to help women get equal rights bby 2030. And not just any tech, but the kind that's inclusive and accessible to everyone, especially women with disabilities.

We gotta help each other out too by sharing knowledge and resources online. Plus, technology can help women get educated and skilled up for better jobs. And it can even help stop gender-based violence by creating tools and apps that keep women safe and protected.

So let's use our brains and our tech to make the world a better place for all the amazing ladies out there!".

—Magda Piqué.

"The most important is safety: we need safe spaces to co-exist and to talk & solve: bars, taxis, workspaces, etc...

Stop glorifying people with wrong values in social media, cinema, work, etc...

Make educational and working teams more balanced, especially in top management and teach women how to lose an inferiority complex.

The pink issue: it's personal, but what is the need to sell everything pink? Cosmetics, clothes, sneakers, etc...".

—Anastasiia Denha.