Driving Healthcare Innovation: Nacar Design Joins Forces with Barcelona Health Hub


As Barcelona solidifies its position as a leading digital health capital, Nacar Design's membership in Barcelona Health Hub enhances their impact in the realm of healthcare innovation. By collaborating and sharing insights with industry leaders, they aspire to become a valuable design partner for various initiatives within the hub.

Barcelona's prominence as a capital of digital health is undeniable. With the digital health sector attracting €351.7 million in investments in 2022, accounting for 15.4% of the total €2.281 billion raised by Catalan startups, Barcelona stands at the forefront of driving innovation in the life sciences and health sector. It has solidified its position as the primary hub for emerging companies in Southern Europe, magnetizing startups eager to revolutionize healthcare [1]. In this thriving landscape, Nacar Design takes a significant step forward by becoming a member of Barcelona Health Hub, propelling their influence in the healthcare design industry and fostering new opportunities for innovation.


Barcelona Health Hub is a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to fostering digital transformation in the healthcare sector. This strategic collaboration amplifies Nacar Design's impact, positioning them as a key player in healthcare design and unlocking pathways for groundbreaking solutions.


Nacar Design's portfolio encompasses successful projects across various sectors, with a particular focus on health and biotechnology. Collaborations with innovative companies such as Roche Diagnostics, Bioceryx, Deepcell, and Omniome (PacBio) demonstrate their ability to deliver innovative design solutions that enhance medical care and improve patient experiences. Moreover, Nacar is currently leading the human-centered design initiative for Trustroke, a groundbreaking project in collaboration with 13 prestigious European partners. This project aims to optimize the treatment of ischemic stroke through the application of AI.


As a member of Barcelona Health Hub, Nacar Design will be at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare design. "We are thrilled to partner with Barcelona Health Hub and join forces to drive innovation in healthcare design," said Bern Donadeu, Co-Founder and Design Director of Nacar. "We firmly believe in the power of design to transform the industry and enhance people's lives. This collaboration will enable us to work alongside other hub members to create impactful and meaningful solutions in the healthcare field”.

[1] Impacto socioeconómico del sector de salud digital a Catalunya, Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona