Nacar Design launches Nacar Health at PXD, during Barcelona Design Week 2023

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Nacar Design launches Nacar Health—a strategic response to years of experience with projects for health industry companies. This division is set to be a highlight of the PXD: Patient Experience Design event, within the context of Barcelona Design Week 2023.

Nacar Design's journey in the healthcare sector has been a series of learning experiences through collaborations with industry leaders like Roche, HP, Bioceryx, Grifols, Telstar, and Hospital Vall d'Hebron. These collaborations have not only shaped our path but have led us to an exciting development – the birth of Nacar Health. This new venture will be officially introduced at the Patient Experience Design event during Barcelona Design Week 2023.

The event is set for Thursday, October 26th, from 19:00 to 22:00 at the Nacar Creative Hub in Palo Alto, Barcelona. It aims to be an insightful evening, combining inspiration and networking. Nacar has the privilege of hosting five distinguished experts, each sharing their thoughts on critical healthcare topics:

Impact of AI on Gender Disparities in Healthcare

with Felip Miralles, Executive Director at Eurecat.

PREMs: Assessing Patient Pathway Needs

with Montse Moharra, Chief Strategy Officer at AQuAS (Agency for Quality and Health Evaluation of Catalonia).

Involving Citizens and Caregivers in Technological Early Stages

with Gloria Gálvez, PhD in Social Psychology, Vall d’Hebron Hospital Nurse, Expert in patient experience.

Design for Wellbeing

with Alessia Rullo, Design Manager and Lead at Roche.

Children at the Heart of Innovation

with Joan Vinyets, Head of Patient Experience at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.


The PXD event and the launch of Nacar Health Division are significant milestones for Nacar. We extend an open invitation to those interested in the evolution of patient-centric healthcare solutions. If you wish to go deeper into this narrative or contribute to the ongoing conversation, feel free to contact

At Nacar, our aim is simple yet challenging – to make a positive impact on individuals, companies, and the planet.