The future
of flight experiences.

Envisioning future experiences through creative thinking.

Commuting in the 21st century has been one of the biggest game changers for our everyday globalized lives, with low-cost flying as a key factor. We overgo security checks and passport controls just like hopping on a bus; buying airplane tickets in 1 click and setting off in adventures hard to imagine 50 years ago. Nevertheless, not much has changed regarding airport and flight experiences.

Vueling Innovation Lab reached out to us to accelerate and energize internal initiatives and ideate on future scenarios. Through Design Thinking methodologies we started collaborating on different challenges surrounding flying and airport experiences.




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We hacked the design sprint method to tackle a complex problem: flight delays.

To take off we ideated and facilitated a 4-hour co-creation workshop, envisioning scenarios of future airport experiences for a 2030 horizon. Vueling employees, industry experts, and customers were involved to envision a portfolio of experience scenarios, services, and product concepts, sparking opportunities to further test and carry out.

On top of that, we hacked the design sprint method to tackle a complex problem: Flight delays. Over the course of 5 Days we involved 10 Vueling stakeholders from different areas to ideate, test and conceptualize feasible solutions to improve the company’s experience on the hot topic. Through this user-centered approach, we involved customers to discover needs and pain points, actively validating and co-creating with them through two user tests along the process. The intense work fostered synergies amongst departments, leading to a roadmap of feasible solutions for significantly improving customer experience before and during flight delays.

We are very enthusiastic about what is to come as we continue ideating for the sky with Vueling Innovation Lab.