Revolutionizing the
way we manufacture.

3D printing with HP

3d printer industrial design of Nacar for HP

HP and Nacar partnership has been a major step into the 3D Printing market, with a solution that has upended the manufacturing industry paradigm, which was characterized by centralized, high-volume production, by enabling local production and supply chains that reduce transportation emissions and speed time to market.

Disrupt the manufacturing industry paradigm by enabling local production and supply chains with reduced transportation emissions and faster time to market.

The HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution, developed through user-centered design, offers a factory in a box with integrated software capabilities. It captures every detail with precision, delivers high yield and productivity, eliminates the need for support structures, and supports a wide range of applications and materials.

Our solution revolutionizes manufacturing with predictability, efficiency, and sustainability. Industries gain on-demand production, mass customization, and freedom from traditional constraints, accelerating innovation and reducing environmental impact.

Prototype of a 3d printer by Nacar
Sketches of a 3d printer by Nacar
Sketches of a 3d industrial printer

an unique solution

HP's user-centered design process involved doing regular user research, experiencing competitors' products, and communicating to the broader team about the market. The team visited a wide variety of people who used 3D printing at the time, exposed their needs, and created empathy in the team as pain points, workflows, successes, and failures were examined.

goodbye to traditional constraints

The resulting HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution is essentially a factory in a box, manageable from anywhere, and each factory worker involved in development and production can optimize their work thanks to integrated software capabilities.



Embrace new levels of accuracy and repeatability, addressing a wide range of final part applications. The 3D Printer system offers a breadth of applications for various industries, supported by a wide range of materials, and we are constantly developing new options for the future. Sustainability is also at the forefront, as our 3D materials offer industry-leading reusability, resulting in lower carbon footprint parts.

3d industrial printing by Nacar

Enhance the way we manufacture.

Whether you're in the automotive, medical, consumer goods, or any other industry, our HP 3D Printing solution is tailored to meet your needs. From prototyping to creating functional prototypes and manufacturing final parts, our versatile technology empowers you to bring your ideas to life. Say goodbye to traditional manufacturing constraints and embrace the freedom of on-demand production and mass customization.