Celebrating Culinary Excellence

Atlantida with Comas & Partners

Industrial design by Nacar Design Agency

Elevating dining experiences with timeless design.

Crafting Atlàntida presented the challenge of blending elegance with functionality, catering to chefs and restaurant staff seeking enhanced dining experiences.

Atlàntida embodies elegance and minimalism, inviting users on a sensory journey with its fluid lines and sophisticated satin finish.

Atlàntida contributes to Spain’s horeca sector, supporting the economy and fostering innovation in both small and large businesses.

Industrial design by Nacar in Barcelona

Sculpting Culinary Tools for Daily Use

Crafting Atlàntida to complement daily dining experiences posed a multifaceted challenge: merging elegance with functionality, maintaining balance in design, and reflecting Comas & Partners' esteemed legacy while innovating for the future.

Sophistication in Simplicity

Atlàntida emerged as an embodiment of sophistication and minimalism, enriching gastronomic encounters with its fluid lines and satin finish. Its balance of form and function elevates everyday dining, echoing Comas & Partners' dedication to enhancing the culinary journey.

Empowering Spain's Gastronomic Culture

Atlàntida not only commemorates Comas & Partners' 30th anniversary but also contributes to Spain's gastronomic culture. Through innovative design, it supports the horeca sector, bolstering the economy and fostering differentiation among businesses large and small.

Industrial Nacar Horeca