Redefining the milling machinery landscape.

AXIA with Correa

CORREA Axia 02 gris

Redesigning the Box in Box Concept for Unmatched Precision and Adaptability

Redesigning milling machines with cutting-edge tech for versatility and precision, meeting diverse requirements without sacrificing performance.

Our redesigned milling machine offers unmatched adaptability, meeting technical specs while enhancing usability, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Collaborating with Nicolás Correa, we revolutionized the sector, optimizing performance and achieving a 30% time reduction in working time.

iF Gold Award 2021

German Design Awards 2022

Redesigning Precision with Innovation

Reimagining the conventional milling machine to integrate cutting-edge technology while maintaining robustness and precision was the primary challenge. The goal was to create a versatile solution adaptable to diverse technical, functional, and cost requirements without compromising on performance.

Industrial design by Nacar Agency

Versatile Solutions, Enhanced Performance

The redesigned milling machine boasts unparalleled adaptability, thanks to its modular design. By reconfiguring and enhancing existing elements, we achieved a product that not only meets technical specifications but also stands out in terms of usability, production efficiency, and market competitiveness. Each machine is a unique, tailored solution, aligning perfectly with individual user needs and industry demands.

Optimizing Industry Standards

Our collaboration with Nicolás Correa revolutionized the sector with integrated heads and user-centric design, enhancing productivity and experience. Understanding user-machine interactions, we optimized performance, achieving a remarkable 30% time reduction in working time. Our innovation streamlined processes for unprecedented efficiency, fortifying market position. These achievements set new industry standards, establishing user-centric design as a benchmark.

Industrial design by Nacar in Barcelona
Industrial Design by Nacar Axia