Redefining CNC Machinery Interaction

HMI Design System with Correa

Enhancing operator and maintenance experiences with HMI user-centric design solutions, fueled by a robust Design System and intuitive UI enhancements.

Optimizing UI for Nicolas Correa’s CNC machines with Design System and HMI integration, catering to operators and maintenance providers.

Initiated Design Sprint to refine solutions, leveraging user insights and Design System for consistency. HMIs tailored to Correa’s needs.

Enhanced CNC machine capabilities and HMI usability. Evaluation covered design plans, menus, controls, and more. Methodology ensured efficient progress.

UXUI Interface for Correa by Nacar.

Streamlining UI for CNC Excellence

Our main goal was to improve the UX/UI of Nicolas Correa's CNC milling machines by integrating a comprehensive Design System and optimizing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). We aimed to refine the user experience with the new model while ensuring brand coherence and practical usability, focusing on meeting the needs of operators and maintenance providers by tailoring the design approach to the CNC workflow.

UXUI Interface Wireframe for Correa by Nacar.

Solutions Shaped by User Insights

We kickstarted a Design Sprint to streamline development, analyzing user journeys, addressing pain points, and rapidly prototyping to refine solutions. Employing a Design System ensured consistency and cohesive user experience. Integration of HMIs improved usability and met Nicolas Correa's team needs. Activities included workflow studies, collaboration with Correa's operators and administrators.

User-Driven Improvement Initiatives

By aligning with user journeys, identifying use cases, and addressing technical limitations, such as navigation and interactive component distribution, the project aimed to maximize the capabilities of CNC machines and associated HMIs. Evaluation covered design plans, menus, controls, current home page views, machine handling, and tool management, among other functionalities. Targeting operators and maintenance providers, the project utilized a methodology divided into horizons and sprint cycles to ensure efficient progress and delivery.

UXUI Interface for Correa by Nacar.