Entry-Level Espresso Excellence

EX2 with Crem

Industrial design by Nacar Agency in Barcelona

Crafting the Perfect Balance of Affordability and Performance for a Espresso Machine

Designing the EX2 as a successor to the EX3 posed a challenge, aiming for competitive reliability, accessibility, and functionality within budget.

A practical, innovative solution blending tradition and modernity for high performance within budget.

Revolutionizing entry-level espresso machines with unmatched performance, versatility, and adaptability.

iF Design 2020

Red Dot 2020

Delta Gold 2020

Bronze at the IDA Design Awards 2021

Industrial design by Nacar

Next-gen espresso, redefining excellence

Elevating the standard for entry-level espresso machines, the challenge was to design the EX2 model as a successor to the acclaimed EX3, ensuring a competitive choice that embodies CREM's heritage of reliability and simplicity. With a focus on accessibility and durability, the goal was to create a machine that not only met budget constraints but also surpassed user expectations in functionality and design.

Innovative excellence within reach

Through agile methodologies and a user-centered approach, the EX2 emerged as a triumph of practicality and innovation. Its sleek yet robust design seamlessly integrates CREM's traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking high performance within budgetary constraints. The EX2's modular design and Expobar's renowned hydraulic system ensure consistent quality across a diverse range of espresso-based beverages, making it the ideal choice for discerning entrepreneurs.

Nacar Design Industrial Design
Coffee machine by Nacar Design

Empowering baristas with affordable precision

The EX2 revolutionizes the entry-level espresso machine market by offering unparalleled performance and versatility. With three distinct versions catering to various operational needs, its optimized design, electronic pre-infusion capabilities, and ergonomic features enhance the barista experience while streamlining servicing and maintenance. The inclusion of options such as take-away versions and barista lights further underscores its adaptability to modern café environments, solidifying its status as the industry's premier choice for affordable excellence.