A modular expresso machine
that skyrockets sales

EX3 with Crem

A versatile espresso machine for any catering business. Agile methods and user-centered design led to a high user-friendliness combined with attractive design and customization.

Creating the best choice for an espresso machine: reliable, versatile, ergonomic and modular for different types of businesses.

An espresso machine that stands out for its modularity, contemporary aesthetics, ergonomics for the barista and customization, both in terms of external features (number of groups, colors and finishes, lighting, etc.) as well as technical functions.

In 2 years, EX3 was sold in 37 countries. It also has become the most awarded espresso coffee machine in the industry to date.

iF Design 2020

Red Dot 2020

Delta Gold 2020

Bronze at the IDA Design Awards 2021

Industrial design by Nacar Design in Barcelona

a blend of market insights and design.

The EX3's goal went beyond designing a coffee machine, but to create the best option for any type of catering business, from a chain coffee shop to a local roaster. Through agile methods, Nacar collaborated closely with Crem in mapping global trends around coffee, gaining knowledge of styles and best practices in the market.

Lab & Lab Accessories Collection

Design, ergonomics, and functionality combined

Starting from user centered design, the research phase was conducted interviewing baristas from all sectors delving into the different user needs and pain-points shaping every use case. The high user-friendliness of the EX3 is combined with design, ergonomics and customization. All in an attractive, functional and versatile espresso machine.

Coffee machine industrial design by Nacar for Crem

the most awarded espresso machine

The sales impact of the new Crem EX3 was immediate: 37 countries in two years, becoming a significant percentage of the company's turnover. As for its design, in 2020 it won the most prestigious awards such as iF, Red Dot, a Delta Gold and a Bronze at the IDA Design Awards 2021.