A fresh look for a fast-growing sport

Rebranding & Web Design with FCP

Rebranding and a digital solution for an organization whose main sport is currently a global trend.

Creating a visually appealing, user-friendly rebranding and website with integrated social media and accessibility features that represents the FCP addressing to a wide range of audiences.

Rebranding and website solution with a fresh visual identity, responsive web design, interactive elements, social media integration, and a brand manual for consistency and user experience with accessibility in mind.

Currently in the implementation process.


Padel is a sport that has grown rapidly in Catalonia. According to the Federació Catalana de Pàdel, the number of registered players in the region has increased by more than 20% each year since 2014. As a result, the number of clubs and facilities dedicated to the sport has also grown significantly.


Always keeping in mind the language and ecosystem of the world of Padel, we wanted to transfer those spaces in the layout of the brand. Using the lines that delimit the field as a base to generate a grid that will allow the Federation to develop an inimitable amount of options according to its needs.


Due to the huge number of partners that the federation has. The goal we had for the website was clear: easy to navigate and which provided a seamless user experience, by organizing information in a logical way, using clear typography and imagery created by the Federation, and ensuring that the site was responsive and accessible on a variety of devices, integrating social media channels.


We generated a blocks system that follows the pattern of our defined layout. Maintaining consistency in all fields. Due to the high content and circuits, we developed special menus that allow members to move around the site in the easiest way.