Future machinery, today

FOX with Correa

Industrial design by Nacar for Correa

Pushing Boundaries in Bridge-Type Machine Innovation

Precision and efficiency merge in modern machining. Develop a bridge-type machine with cutting-edge temperature control for optimal operations.

Accuracy redefined. Minimalist, bold design. Seamless integration of ergonomics & tech for cost-effective functionality.

Seamless integration of ergonomics and efficiency ensures superior solutions. Innovation fosters rapid iterations for perfection.

Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

To meet the demands of modern machining, we faced the challenge of combining traditional roughing capabilities with the speed and precision required for high-performance tasks. Our goal was to develop a bridge-type machine that not only surpassed conventional standards but also introduced cutting-edge temperature control technology to optimize vertical axis operations.

Industrial design by Nacar Agency in Barcelona

Revolutionizing Vertical Axis Machining

Our FOX Milling Machine redefines precision engineering with innovative temperature control, operating at 30 m/min with a cooled Z guide. Its minimalist and bold design reflects cutting-edge industrial aesthetics. Seamlessly integrating ergonomics and technology, tested through Virtual Reality, it ensures optimal functionality, empowering operators for demanding tasks while saving costs.


New Accuracy Engineering Standards

The seamless integration of ergonomic principles and operational efficiency into the final design ensured superior solutions that surpassed expectations. Our commitment to innovation fostered collaborative brainstorming sessions, facilitating rapid iterations to perfect the milling machine's layout and functionality.

Industrial design Fox by Nacar