Delivering Success Through Design

Delivery Staff App with GLS

Optimizing Delivery Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline GLS app for delivery staff, boosting navigation, functionalities, and task management while minimizing the learning curve.

Enhanced sorting, filtering, and streamlined access to crucial details greatly improved GLS Delivery Staff App.

Revamped GLS Delivery Staff App significantly boosted efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction, eliminating paper-based processes.

Improving App Functionality for Efficiency

GLS faced the challenge of enhancing the effectiveness and user experience of its delivery staff while using the app for their daily tasks. The key objectives were to streamline navigation, boost app functionalities including service closure, improve performance and delivery speed, and minimize the learning curve for delivery personnel. Additionally, there was a need for enhanced task management options for better organization and communication with central management logistics.

UXUI Nacar Agency

Empowering Delivery Staff Efficiency

To overcome challenges, we enhanced sorting and filtering for easier access and alignment with user preferences. This included clearer differentiation between deliveries and pickups, priority sorting, and recipient grouping. We streamlined access to crucial service details, eliminating scrolling by introducing collapsible components. Through activities like shadowing and customer journey mapping, we refined elements such as the home screen, filters, delivery, pickup, reimbursement, displayed information, parcel shop, visual palette, iconography, navigation flows, communication, evaluation, interaction, and technical aspects.

Driving Business Efficiency

The enhanced GLS Delivery Staff App had a profound impact on the business, greatly improving the effectiveness and user experience for delivery staff. Streamlined navigation, improved functionalities, and enhanced task management options led to better organization and communication with central management logistics. Seamless access to information within the app eliminated the need for paper documentation, resulting in increased performance and delivery speed. This not only improved daily task efficiency but also bolstered overall business productivity and customer satisfaction. The success of our design research was instrumental in achieving these outcomes.