Harmonising data collection
for high-value stroke care.

Harmonics with Hospital Vall d’Hebrón

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Stroke is a major global health concern, affecting millions of people each year. Reports estimate that 1.5 million strokes occur annually, leading to 430,000 deaths and costing 60 billion euros. 9 million Europeans live with the lasting effects of stroke.

Creating a visual identity and online presence that would effectively communicate the initiative’s mission and goals.

Design of brand identity and website, meeting the needs of users, physicians and stakeholders.

– Reduction of the risk factor associated with readmissions: 10%

– Reduction of the length of hospital stay: 35%

– Increase in adherence to treatment: 36%

– Increase in home clinical remote monitoring: 15%

– Decrease in the rates of poor outcomes and depression: 22%.

– 32 million euros of savings in medical costs.


Harmonics aims to create a central EU stroke outcome registry, integrating data from regional registries, capturing KPI and outcomes from medical records, and promoting benchmarking and best practices sharing to enhance stroke patient outcomes.

Healthcare Information Clear and Accessible

The Harmonics branding and website needed to convey the initiative's mission, differentiate it from other healthcare initiatives and provide clear information. The brand uses a trust-inducing color palette and a star-shaped logo integrated into the Nora ecosystem. The clean and modern website features concise information on goals, activities, and resources, plus a news section.

Saving 32M euros in medical costs

The direct impact of Harmonics is remarkable from a human, medical and financial point of view: reduction of the risk factor associated with readmissions by 10%, reduction of the length of hospital stay by 35%, increase in adherence to treatment by 36%, increase in home clinical remote monitoring by 15%, decrease in the rates of poor outcomes and depression by 22%. And finally 32 million euros of savings in medical costs.