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3D Metal Printing with HP

3D Metal printing by Nacar

Introducing the HP Metal Jet S100 3D Printing Solution, an industrial-grade 3D metal printing solution. This cutting-edge system is designed to optimize operational efficiency and revolutionize the production of metal parts on an industrial scale. With its unrivaled process reliability, repeatability, and productivity, the Metal Jet S100 is set to transform your manufacturing operations.

Develop an industrial-grade 3D metal printing solution for efficient and revolutionary production of metal parts on an industrial scale.

The HP Metal Jet S100 delivers unrivaled reliability, repeatability, and productivity. Its automated Powder Management Station optimizes powder usage, while high nozzle redundancy and native resolution ensure exceptional quality and precision. The Curing Station enables superior post-processing.

The HP Metal Jet S100 revolutionizes metal 3D printing, enabling industrial-scale production with exceptional reliability and cost-effectiveness. Its streamlined workflow, modularity, and superior quality empower businesses to maximize productivity and embrace the limitless possibilities of digital manufacturing.

3D metal printing by Nacar for HP

Full industrial process control

Designed with practical modularity in mind, the Metal Jet S100 allows for the installation of multiple units, creating a seamless continuous production line. Following print preparation and manufacturing using HP's advanced powder management station, our users can effortlessly debind parts using the curing station. The removal of excess powder can be performed using any third-party system of their choosing.

Building PROCESS

production knows no boundaries

The HP Metal Jet S100 signifies a monumental breakthrough in metal 3D printing technology, providing a truly viable solution for industrial-scale production. With a laser focus on total cost of ownership, our solution empowers you to scale production by effectively managing the variable cost of each part.