Elevating Large-Format
Printing for the workday.

HP PageWide XL Series with HP

Industrial Design Printer by Nacar Design

Large-format prints play an integral role in everyday work, particularly in architecture and engineering professions. The HP PageWide XL is explicitly designed to meet these demanding tasks, captivating users with its consistent concept. By merging the output performance of two printers into one unit, this printer delivers a well-balanced design.

Create a large-format printer that meets the demanding needs of architecture and engineering professionals, combining performance and user-friendly design.

The HP PageWide XL delivers exceptional large-format production printing in color and black and white, surpassing other printers in speed by 60%. It streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and features an accessible and intuitive user interface.

The HP PageWide XL sets new standards in large-format printing, offering outstanding productivity and a visually appealing design. Its user-friendly interface provides constant updates, while its elegant appearance and functionality enhance the working environment, empowering professionals.

IF Awards Best of the Best 2016

Reddot Awards 2016 Best of the Best


By setting new standards, the HP PageWide XL redefines large-format printing. It operates swiftly and impresses with its remarkably user-friendly design, enriching the working environment with extraordinary ergonomics and a solid, self-reliant appearance. The HP PageWide XL offers intuitive operation, quickly making its use self-evident and integration seamless. It captivates users with its technical and aesthetic excellence, immediately casting a spell on anyone who interacts with it.

Building PROCESS


At Nacar Design, we understand the importance of exceptional solutions that align with your professional needs. With the HP PageWide XL Series, we provide an unparalleled printing experience that combines cutting-edge technology, streamlined workflows, and an aesthetically pleasing design to empower your productivity and elevate your work environment.

Industrial Design of a printer by Nacar Design for HP