Market-Driven Fitness Innovation

Inertia with BH Fitness

Nacar Industrial design for sport

Enhancing User Experience in Cardio Equipment Design

Revamping traditional treadmills, Inertia aimed for sleekness without losing function. We upgraded design, seamlessly blending advanced tech.

Inertia’s redesigned treadmill offers minimal design, easy toolbar access, progressive cushioning, and a powerful 3.5 HP motor, ideal for professionals.

Innovative design sets new cardio standards. Sleek, advanced features make it a leader in the treadmill market.

Innovative Cardio Solutions

The challenge was to transform the outdated design of traditional cardio treadmills into a streamlined, user-friendly machine without compromising functionality was the core motivation behind Inertia's development. Our task was to move away from the heavy appearance while seamlessly integrating advanced technology.

Industrial design by Nacar for sports

Enhanced Workout Experience

Inertia's revamped treadmill brings fresh design and features, setting new standards. With its sleek look, easy toolbar integration for quick access, and progressive damping elastomers for enhanced cushioning, it offers a smooth workout experience. Powered by a 3.5 HP motor, it reaches speeds up to 22 km/h, making it a standout choice in the professional treadmill market.


Modern Fitness Solutions

Inertia’s innovative design and features have redefined the standard for cardio equipment, enhancing user experience and setting a new benchmark for the fitness industry. Its sleek design and advanced functionality have garnered attention, positioning it as a leader in the professional treadmill market.