Next-Level Hygiene

In-Wash® Inspira X with Roca

Industrial design by Nacar Agency

Smart toilet technology for enhanced comfort and cleanliness

Creating a revolutionary smart toilet design, compact, comfortable, sustainable, prioritizing cleanliness, and user-friendly operation.

In-Wash® Inspira X elevates smart toilet experience with superior functionality, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

Award-winning Inspira X sets new standard in comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability, recognized for its groundbreaking design and technological excellence.

iF Awards 2024

Industrial design by Nacar

Compact, Comfortable, Sustainable

The challenge was: creating a revolutionary smart toilet design that seamlessly combines compact size, enhanced comfort, and sustainable features, while also prioritizing cleanliness and user-friendly operation.

Toilet by Nacar Design

Smart Toilet Innovation

In-Wash® Inspira X, a collaboration between Roca and Nacar Design, introduces cutting-edge technologies to elevate the smart toilet experience. With meticulous attention to detail, it achieves superior functionality, compactness, and sustainability. The innovative In-Tank® system and rim-free bowl ensure powerful flushing with minimal water and energy consumption, earning top sustainability ratings.

Industrial design of a toilet by Nacar Agency
Industrial by Nacar Design

Award-Winning Advancement

The In-Wash® Inspira X revolutionizes toilet design, offering unrivaled comfort, cleanliness, and ease of use. Its versatile functionality ensures optimal performance in any facility, regardless of water pressure. This innovative solution sets a new standard in smart toilet technology, enhancing user experience while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Additionally, the Inspira X has been recognized with the prestigious iF Award 2024, further validating its groundbreaking design and technological excellence.

Industrial Design by Nacar for Roca