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Karbon Chair with Actiu

Chair design by Nacar Design in Barcelona

Forged from high-performance carbon fiber, renowned across marine, automotive, and aerospace industries for its strength and lightweight nature, the chair stands as a testament to superior engineering.

Creating carbon fiber chairs aims for innovative, aesthetic, and functional designs, evoking new user experiences while ensuring exclusivity.

Karbon: symbol of furniture design innovation with lightweight, durable carbon fiber, perfect for extreme environments.

Karbon, a disruptor in furniture, is synonymous with innovation and luxury. Its carbon fiber tech appeals to diverse sectors, pushing boundaries in design.

Red Dot Design Award 2019

Future Furniture Trends

Designing furniture with carbon fiber requires a shift in mindset from traditional manufacturing methods. The challenge was to harness the potential of carbon fiber technology to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and functional furniture pieces. Additionally, the objective was to evoke new emotional experiences for users while ensuring the product's exclusivity and desirability.

Strength, Style, Substance

Karbon, a pinnacle of creativity and technological prowess, redefines furniture design with sleek carbon fiber construction. Its lightweight, durable build, enhanced by ergonomic design, symbolizes status and sophistication. Carbon fiber, woven into a fabric and coated with resin, yields a material five times stronger and lighter than steel, twice as rigid, resistant to heat and corrosion—ideal for extreme environments.

Pioneering Innovation in Chair Design

Karbon disrupted the furniture industry, becoming a collector's piece synonymous with innovation and luxury. Its carbon fiber technology appealed to diverse sectors and discerning consumers seeking cutting-edge design. By pushing traditional manufacturing boundaries, Karbon exemplifies craftsmanship excellence and opens new possibilities in furniture design. Its recognition with the Red Dot Design Award 2019 reaffirms its status as an industrial design trailblazer, showcasing technology and creativity's transformative power in shaping furniture's future.

Industrial Design by Nacar in Barcelona