Elevating the printing game.

Large Format Mid Volume with HP

Industrial design of a printer for HP by Nacar Agency

The HP Large Format Mid Volume printer is a revolutionary printing solution designed to help companies to elevate their printing game and cater to even the most demanding customers. Whether it's high-end retail signage and decor printing or leading law firms' workplace fit-outs, these printers are here to meet all your printing needs.

Meet the demands of high-end printing for diverse industries, from retail signage to law firms’ fit-outs, while maintaining quality and sustainability.

The HP Large Format Mid Volume printers deliver exceptional results with automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning for vibrant colors and sharp text. Latex inks offer sustainability benefits and compatibility with eco-conscious media.

These printers are certified for sustainability, enabling businesses to prioritize environmental responsibility. With superior media versatility and fast loading, they empower businesses to achieve saturated colors, high productivity, and elevate their printing capabilities.

Industrial Design by Nacar Agency for HP


The printers' automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning eliminate manual purging, ensuring that vivid colors are delivered at high speeds and with beautiful practicality. Expect sharp 4-point text and striking contrast using pure blacks, making it perfect for a wide range of signage and decor applications.

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HP's innovative, water-based Latex Inks help you stay sustainable by offering a range of benefits, including no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), no required hazard warning labels, and odorless prints. It is also possible to choose from a wide range of compatible eco-conscious media, and the Latex prints are recyclable, returnable, non-hazardous, and safe for disposal.

Industrial design of a printer for HP by Nacar Design in Barcelona