Design for Eco-Conscious Leisure

GL20 with Lasai

Redesigning Solar Boating with Innovative Roof Design.

Innovating solar boating: sleek panels, refined structures, cable management, and eco-friendly design for efficient, stylish coastal cruising.

Stylish eco-boat with upgraded roof, enhanced solar panels, and streamlined design for versatile, eco-friendly cruising.

Lasai GL 20 rooftop design reshapes sustainable sailing, setting a new standard for eco-friendly leisure with efficiency and style, ideal for coastal cruising.

Redefining maritime elegance sustainably

The challenge was to innovate solar-powered boating for efficiency and style. This involved transitioning to sleek solar panels, refining support structures, managing cables, and tailoring the design for laid-back coastal cruising—all while upholding a commitment to eco-friendly principles.

Solar Sailing at its best

Lasai GL 20 revolutionizes eco-boating with an upgraded roof design, enhanced solar panels, and simplified manufacturing. The slanted roof and open supports not only look stylish but also set it apart. Effortlessly switch from a coastal cruise to a quiet, eco-friendly ride on lakes and rivers. Optimization includes transitioning to a sleek rectangular solar panel configuration for efficiency and maintaining a cohesive design language. The sloped roof facilitates water drainage and safeguards solar panels, while potential enhancements to the spotlight illumination are under consideration.

Navigating green waves

Our Lasai GL 20 rooftop design is reshaping how we sail sustainably. It promises exciting journeys, setting a new standard for eco-friendly leisure. With efficiency and style as its core, it's the way to go, offering a quiet, green option for coastal cruising adventures.