Modular Fitness Concept

MAGSYS with BH Fitness

The most versatile training system on the market.

Redefining functional training spaces with BH Fitness, surpassing market standards in versatility, adaptability, and customization.

MAGSYS offers unparalleled versatility and configurability, enabling effortless construction and modification of functional spaces. It caters to diverse needs and enhances gym environments with storage optimization and endless configuration options.

Its adaptability fosters dynamic environments that elevate the fitness experience, setting a new standard for modular design with BH Fitness.

Industrial Design by Nacar

Creating a Highly Adaptable Modular System

In collaboration with BH Fitness, we set out to redefine the standard for functional training spaces with the development of MAGSYS (Modular Activity & Group Training System). Our aim was to offer a solution that surpassed existing market offerings in terms of versatility, adaptability, and ease of customization.

Redefining Functional Spaces

MAGSYS represents a breakthrough in functional space design, offering unparalleled versatility and configurability. With its innovative structural elements, MAGSYS enables effortless construction, modification, and personalization of functional spaces. Whether it's adapting to different spatial constraints or catering to specific usage needs, MAGSYS provides limitless possibilities for creating dynamic and purpose-driven environments. Beyond functional training, MAGSYS enhances gym spaces with its storage optimization features and endless configuration options.

Nacar Agency for sports

Transforming Gym Spaces with Modular Innovation

MAGSYS has revolutionized the way gym spaces are conceived and utilized. By offering a modular solution that prioritizes adaptability and functionality, MAGSYS empowers fitness facilities to maximize their space potential and cater to diverse training needs. Its impact extends beyond traditional fitness setups, fostering dynamic and engaging environments that inspire users and elevate the fitness experience. With MAGSYS, BH Fitness has set a new standard for modular design, transforming gym spaces into versatile and dynamic hubs of activity.