Advancing DNA Sequencing through design

Omniome (now PacBio)

UXUI by Nacar Agency

Improving DNA sequencing process through UX/UI and prototyping design

Crafting integrated hardware & software for DNA sequencing, ensuring accuracy, optimized experience, and catering to diverse expertise levels for a frictionless workflow, based on user needs and relevance.

We created a solution based on simplicity, user control and adaptability, improving design quality and ensuring a smooth user experience and workflow.

PacBio’s $800M acquisition in July 2021 solidifies pivotal role in biotech.

Enhanced task relevance boosted goal achievement. Visual aids like graphics and animations minimized errors, while easy navigation facilitated task completion.

Enhancing DNA Sequencing Accuracy Process Efficiently

Crafting integrated hardware and software for DNA sequencing involved meticulous attention to detail. Our aim was to ensure not only accuracy but also an optimized experience for users of varying expertise levels. By prioritizing user needs and relevance, we strived to create a seamless workflow. Our approach involved understanding the complexities of the sequencing process and simplifying them, granting users greater control and flexibility.

UXUI by Nacar Agency in Barcelona

Streamlined Design Boosts User Experience

Through meticulous research, we have developed a high-fidelity prototype that embodies Omniome's experience design principles: simplifying complexity, granting user control, maintaining a smart attitude, enabling flexible integration, and embodying distinct character. Expert reviews guaranteed greater design quality, resulting in an optimized user experience and streamlined workflow across the ecosystem.

Acquisition Validates Platform's Significance

Nacar Design and Omniome worked together to improve task relevance, enhance goal achievement, and reduce errors using visual aids such as graphics and animations. Their collaboration streamlined navigation, making task completion more efficient and user-friendly. This successful partnership was validated by PacBio's $800 million acquisition in July 2021, which underscored the significant impact of their contributions and cemented PacBio's pivotal role in the biotech industry.

Design System by Nacar Design