Cellular Analysis Breakthrough

REM-I with Deepcell

Industrial design and UXUI by Nacar

Deepcell introduces REM-I, a unique cell microscopy platform, using a camera and microscope to capture and direct cell images. An AI model identifies and guides specific cells to collection wells. Unlike other tech, it isolates cells without altering them, enabling live cell cultivation for active drug testing.

Designing a lab tool that fits Deepcell’s tech, keeping it user-friendly, easy to maintain, and compatible with REM-I.

REM-I achieves high-dimensional single-cell morphology analysis, real-time imaging, and label-free sorting, seamlessly integrating with Deepcell’s models and data suite.

REM-I shifts the paradigm in Cancer Research and Cell & Gene Therapy, enabling biomarker discovery, streamlined sample profiling, and precise cell phenotyping.

Elevating Lab Experience

The challenge was designing a laboratory instrument for Deepcell that could capture cell images and sort them into different wells based on their type. The instrument had to be user-friendly, easy to service, and compatible with the existing REM-I platform.

Streamlined Integration

Our team worked closely with Deepcell to understand the laboratory environment, users, and technology. After several iterations, we proposed an instrument design that was easy to use and maintain. The design also adapted to the existing REM-I platform, allowing integration.

Research by Nacar Design

Live Cell Breakthrough

The new laboratory instrument allowed Deepcell to separate specific cells without altering them, enabling them to cultivate live cells and use them for further research. This allowed for active testing of drugs and treatments, which is unique and groundbreaking, as almost all their competitors end up with dead or altered cells.