Elevating Shower Standards with Advanced Design

Index-T Shower with Roca

Redefining shower experiences with multifunctional, intuitive designs for enhanced comfort and safety.

Integrating a large shower head, hand shower, and pre-drain technology, we balanced intuitive controls, safety, and sleek aesthetics.

Featuring a silky rain shower head and multifunctional hand shower, the system includes a thermostatic cartridge and anti-scald lock for a customizable, safe experience.

Transforming daily showers into spa-like experiences, the system ensures safety and versatility, enhancing comfort, efficiency, and overall satisfaction.

Industrial Design by Nacar Design

Balancing function and aesthetics

Creating a multifunctional shower system with Roca involved integrating a large-scale shower head, a versatile hand shower, and advanced water pre-drain technology. The challenge was to develop a design that combined intuitive controls, safety features, and sleek aesthetics, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Innovative design for every need

Our design features a silky rain shower head and a multifunctional hand shower, both controlled by an intuitive thermostatic cartridge with an anti-scald lock. The system includes a cold water pre-drain and switch button, providing ease of use and safety. This approach ensures a customizable shower experience that elevates everyday routines.

New standards in home comfort

This innovative shower system transforms daily showers into spa-like experiences. Ideal for families, the anti-scald lock ensures safety for children and elderly users. The versatile hand shower is perfect for quick rinses, pet care, or cleaning the shower area. The advanced features prioritize comfort and efficiency, significantly improving user satisfaction and overall quality of life.

Industrial Design by Nacar