Healthcare Strategy

Roche Diagnostics

Committed to not only advancing diagnostic solutions that can support healthcare professionals in making critical decisions for their patients’ health, but also improving the way these essential tools are integrated into health systems.

Empowering healthcare excellence, we develop digital solutions with the power to transform healthcare for people around the globe determining the best care for each individual.

Shifting from a one-size-fits-all healthcare approach to tailored treatments aimed at addressing the distinct needs of each patient will enhance outcomes and transform the care experience for individuals.

We create user-centered digital healthcare solutions, prioritizing accuracy and intuitive design to improve patient outcomes.

Strategic design by Nacar Agency for Roche

Personalized Healthcare Strategy

Every person is unique. Understanding what makes people different is central to shifting the focus of healthcare from treating diseases to delivering the best care for each person throughout their lives. This is the promise of personalized healthcare.

We are now helping Roche to turn this promise into a reality. Advances in science, data, analytics, computation, and digital technology enable us to understand the factors that affect each person’s health with more clarity than ever before. With this knowledge, we can improve the entire care journey and transform outcomes for patients and allow health systems to use resources more efficiently and effectively.

Most importantly, close cooperation is the basis for the successful implementation of our Personalized Healthcare strategy.

Navigating Healthcare Transformation

We are helping to transform healthcare with innovation and collaboration. Using an evidence-based approach, our insights-driven health solutions aim to support Roche initiatives. By using data, analytics and technology we are drawing closer to our goal of how a better healthcare digitization could improve lives and advance better health to people and society.

Designing Now Future Healthcare

Our focus lies in crafting digital solutions tailored to the healthcare sector. Given the critical nature of accurate diagnostic test results upon which patients' lives hinge, our approach places paramount importance on user-centric design. We put the patient at the center of our design process and create intuitive solutions to reduce user errors.

Strategic design in healthcare by Nacar