Smart Cooking Technology

iOven Collection with Teka

Enhancing culinary experiences with advanced oven technology.

To develop an advanced oven combining multifunctionality, energy efficiency, and user-centric design to enhance the culinary experience.

iOVEN Collection integrates 18 cooking functions, a TFT touch control, HydroClean® PRO system, and features like MeatProbe and The SteamBox for precise, efficient cooking.

iOVEN Collection transforms cooking with intuitive controls, energy efficiency, and advanced safety, ensuring exceptional culinary results and setting new standards in kitchen appliances.

Efficient Cooking and Cleaning

Teka needed a multifunctional oven that combines innovative cooking capabilities with energy efficiency and easy maintenance. The aim was to create a user-friendly appliance that offers precision cooking, varied functionalities, and a cleaner, healthier cooking experience.

Industrial design by Nacar in Barcelona

Precision and Performance

The iOVEN incorporates 18 distinct cooking functions, a TFT 5” true color touch control, and the HydroClean® PRO system. Its A+ energy rating reduces consumption by up to 20%. Features like the MeatProbe and The SteamBox ensure precise cooking and nutrient retention, making the iOVEN both versatile and efficient.

Superior User Experience

The iOVEN Collection transforms the cooking process through its intuitive interface and advanced functionalities. Its energy efficiency and comprehensive safety features set a new standard in kitchen appliances. By offering tools such as the Cook Assistant and MeatProbe, the iOVEN ensures exceptional culinary results, positioning it as an essential asset in modern kitchens.

Industrial Design by Nacar