4 Prompts to design Ui’s with Chat GPT, as you drink a coffee.

In first place, give ChatGPT focus.

Prompt: "Act as a senior UX/UI Designer with Experience in copywriting".

As an example, we are going to create an e-commerce platform for speciality coffee called Roast & Grind.

Get your briefing right.

Prompt: "Can you make a complete briefing of [insert project] considering [insert current info about the project]

Ideation time.

Prompt: "Brainstorm 10 ideas for a new digital product related with [insert topic] or how can I improve [insert design element]

Setting up workflows

Prompt: "Suggest me all the screens of different workflows for [insert topic]

Content creation

Prompt: "Write the content and copy of the elements of [insert project] with a [insert tone of voice] tone of voice".

Remember: Life's too short to drink shitty coffee!