Digital fatigue, inclusive design& our responsibility as designers.

Last week we joined nearly 50 design experts at Deutsche Telekom Design & Customer Experience event during Mobile World Congress, where we explored human-centric digital experiences and discussed how to tackle future challenges.

We learned from Alessia Rullo, Elisabbet Roselló and Francesca Sangalli about the impact of digital design on healthcare and sustainable future scenarios.

Following these key takeaways from the panel discussion:

01. Design Beyond the mainstream audience.

Look at subgroups with shared values, motivations, moments, or historical events and learn from those in the margins as they often tend to be excluded from research.

02. Our responsibility as designers.

Prioritize digital well-being, especially given the rapid acceleration of technology in recent years.

03. Mapping and awareness of Digital Fatigue

On a typical workday, we use up to 30 different apps. This means we are constantly switching from one thing to another, which requires a lot of our attention and intervention, despite the beautiful design experiences.

04. Finding Physical-Digital Equilibrium.

We need to think about how we can convey, invent, create a new sense of balance", as Alessio Rullo mentioned.

Some of the keywords from the event were:

Systemic approach
Identifying Leverage Areas
Behavioral Change & Participatory Approach.