Innovation in Every Pedal

Ultralight with BH Bikes

Combining carbon fiber technology and aerodynamic design for superior cycling performance.

To create a lightweight, durable road bike. We balanced weight, strength, and aerodynamics without compromising structural integrity.

We developed the BH Ultralight using carbon fiber, Hidden Quick Levers, and internal cable routing, inspired by the Aerolight, for optimal performance.

The BH Ultralight has set new standards in competitive cycling, enhancing performance and rider experience significantly.

Lightweight yet durable design

BH Bikes aimed to develop a performance road bicycle that balanced weight, strength, and aerodynamics. The challenge was to innovate without compromising structural integrity. Achieving this required expertise in advanced materials and engineering, alongside a user-centric design approach. Our task was to engineer a lightweight road bike that could meet the rigorous demands of competitive cycling, ensuring top-tier performance and agility.

Industrial Design by Nacar Studio

Advanced engineering and materials

Through research and co-creation, we developed the BH Ultralight. This bike features advanced carbon fiber technology for reduced weight and enhanced strength. Hidden Quick Levers allow tool-free adjustments, maintaining a clean look. 100% internal cable routing improves aerodynamics. Using Hollow Core Internal Molding (HCIM), we maximized carbon rigidity without compromising lightness. The design draws inspiration from our successful Aerolight model, combining speed, aesthetics, and performance. Extensive testing confirmed its exceptional comfort and efficiency.


Setting New Cycling Standards

Our collaboration with BH Bikes has set a new standard in competitive cycling. The BH Ultralight has become a preferred choice for professional cyclists, significantly enhancing their performance. This project underscores our commitment to pushing design boundaries, delivering products that merge innovation with practical excellence. The influence of the Aerolight's design principles is evident, further elevating the bike’s performance and visual appeal. The distinctive Air Bow fork optimizes aerodynamics and absorbs terrain vibrations, ensuring a superior riding experience and comfort.

Industrial Design by Nacar for BH