6 Shifts by Design: iF Design Trend Report 2024

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We have immersed ourselves in the 233-page iF Design Trend Report 2024. Within its pages, we uncover six transformative trends that are reshaping the landscape of design and leaving a significant mark on the future. From sustainable innovations that impact individual lifestyles to immersive experiences that resonate on a global scale, let’s distill the essence of this comprehensive report and explore the strategic implications for businesses worldwide.

The Impact of Design in Business

The Impact of Design in Business

In the constant search for better products and services for its customers, businesses navigate a complex terrain where understanding users, refining value propositions, and making informed decisions are crucial. Our blog post explores the profound impact of design on business strategy, dissecting key actions and benefits that emphasizes the business value of design.

7 Digital Trends for the Sports Business in 2024 (applicable to other industries)


In a landscape dominated by technological evolution, we dissect 7 key digital trends that will define the sports industry in 2024 based on a trend study by IMG, a global sports & culture company. From the adoption of AI to the reshaping of social dynamics, anticipate an exploration of the transformative forces at play.Scanning possible applications to other industries we are part of.

Digital fatigue, inclusive design& our responsibility as designers.

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Last week we joined nearly 50 design experts at Deutsche Telekom Design & Customer Experience event during Mobile World Congress, where we explored human-centric digital experiences and discussed how to tackle future challenges. We learned from Alessia Rullo, Elisabbet Roselló and Francesca Sangalli about the impact of digital design on healthcare and sustainable future scenarios. […]

4 Prompts to design Ui’s with Chat GPT, as you drink a coffee.

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In first place, give ChatGPT focus. Prompt: “Act as a senior UX/UI Designer with Experience in copywriting”. As an example, we are going to create an e-commerce platform for speciality coffee called Roast & Grind. Get your briefing right. Prompt: “Can you make a complete briefing of [insert project] considering [insert current info about the […]

Five tips for award-winning project presentations

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Submit like a winner. 01 Don’t just show images, display concepts. 02 For a jury, time is very important. A video to the point is the best way to explain a project. 03 Try to present real images of the product, to better understand the capabilities. 04 Reveal the process behind your work and explain […]

EX3 Coffee machine at “The Best Design of the year” exhibition​

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Showing our multi-awarded coffee machine off. In addition to the recent IF Award, our brand new coffee machine has been also honoured by the International Red Dot Design Competition. Gandia, Spain. April 1. Crem, the innovative Welbilt brand in the coffee manufacturing industry, today announced that its EX3 espresso range was also named as a winner of the […]